A Dedicated Staff

This month Christian Heights would like to recognize and show appreciation for Mr. Reco Dowlen and Mrs. Connie Hooks Garrett. They have both been dedicated employees since 1994! That is more than 20 years of service. What an awesome testament! They both have a strong level of commitment and have a great passion for what they do. Connie has established a great relationship with the residents and have seen quite a few changes. She said that “even though things change the kitchen has remained pretty consistent” When asked about her favorite dish to prepare for the residents she said “I don’t have a particular one I just enjoy cooking”.

Reco has also been a constant at Christian Heights. He is very dependable and loves what he does. He said “I’ve been here since 1994 and the favorite part of my job is the residents”. He has learned quite a bit about the residents. Some of the things that he’s become familiar with is their eating style, and what they prefer as a choice meal. When asked about which dish they prefer he said “I make a mean peach cobbler, they like my peach cobbler”. We would like to thank this dynamic duo for their awesome service to the residents, and to Christian Heights. Thanks for all you do!

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