A Letter From the Administrator

Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab Administrator Cindy Bruton

Oh my word, July was one hot month! Maybe August will be kind to us and bring us some cooler days. Hello everyone. I am Cindy Bruton the Administrator for Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab. I would like to personally take a moment to provide a special thanks to the staff and residents at Christian Heights. Even though we have experienced staffing concerns I am so proud that everyone has maintained such a positive outlook and great attitude.

I appreciate your dedication and compassion to ensure that we provide quality care to our residents.

I’ve also seen an uptick in visits. I am so happy that families and friends are taking the time to come and spend time with their loved ones. We hope that you will continue to schedule visits, and we look forward to seeing you all.

Sincerely, Cindy Bruton

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