Celebrate your Dream Team™ during Customer Service Week, October 5-9, 2020

Customer Service Week 2020 Logo

If you’ve ever experienced an interaction with a customer service professional that left you feeling taken care of or informed, then you know how valuable a service it is. In every industry, including healthcare, insurance, retailing, hospitality, communications, and government agencies, you will find a team of customer service professionals ready to lend a hand and make everyone’s day easier with a smile on their face.

The U.S. Congress in 1992 decided the best way to honor these hard workers was to make Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event! Since then we have celebrated annually, with recognition, events, and gifts, during the first full week in October.

As good customer service is founded in excellent communication skills and teamwork, the theme for this year’s Customer Service Week is “Dream Team™!” This theme reflects the importance of teamwork in providing outstanding service to all customers.

If the customer service team is passionate about what they do, strives for excellence, adapts to change, and values teamwork, then your service team is absolutely a Dream Team™.

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