Featured Resident

Arthur M came to Christian Heights from Jenny Stuart Hospital on July 31, 2019 for his rehabilitation following an elective knee replacement. Before Arthur’s surgery, he was living at home and was independent with all of his needs. He did use a walker at times however the walker was lost during his transition from home to hospital. Arthur had other ailments and medical issues, but his knee was priority. Once the therapy department evaluated him he received an individualized physical therapy and occupational therapy treatment plan that was customized to help him in specific areas of need and aimed at getting him back to being independent. The therapy department’s goal is to help Arthur get back to a form of normality with mobility and daily living tasks. Arthur has been consistent and working hard for the therapy staff, and he enjoys participating. Director Jennifer Davenport said that Arthur came in a wheelchair non ambulatory with severe pain in his right knee. He is now able to walk with a walker up to 350 feet without an increase in pain. His pain is under control. She also stated that he is able to get himself in and out of bed, and he is able to perform all ADL’s with set up assistance including all hygiene and grooming. He can tolerate standing up to 20 minutes while maintaining weight bearing precautions. He is doing great. Due to his thorough participation, dedication, and hard work Arthur will be discharging home and continue with his physical therapy in a few weeks. Good job Arthur! Keep up the good work!

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