Featured Resident

Vincent B. came to Christian Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation after being hospitalized for exacerbation of heart failure, and swelling in both of his legs which affected his ability to walk decently. The Physical Therapy team met with Vincent and they developed a plan that would best fit his needs so he could accomplish his goals of returning home and being independent. The staff knew that Vincent B needed intensive therapy and medical attention to reach his desired level of wellness. Vincent was very active in therapy. He participated and consistently did what he needed to do. Physical Therapy Director Jennifer Davenport said that he was a very good candidate and worked very hard every time he was scheduled for a session. Vincent said that he appreciated the team working with him and he could definitely feel the difference after a couple of weeks. The therapy team was able to increase my strength and ability to stand, and I can walk and breathe easier. He also said that the staff was very nice and caring and went above and beyond to see that I was properly cared for and continued to improve. Christian Heights showed a great deal of concern for my well-being and progress. If I ever need rehab again, I will definitely come back. We would like to wish Vincent the best as he continues to utilize the therapy regimen that he started at Christian Heights at his home. Thank you for choosing and trusting Christian Heights.

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