Featured Resident

Featured Resident, Fernindand

Our featured resident this month is Fernindand H. Fernindand came to Christian Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation in November 2019. Ferninand began therapy at CH to increase and maintain his strength and independence. He was evaluated by our Physical Therapy team, and an individualized plan of treatment was developed to target his limitations as well as his overall goal of increasing his strength and endurance.

Fernindand was highly motivated in therapy and was a great participant. He said that “coming to Christian Heights was the best thing he could have done, and he was absolutely satisfied with the care that he received. He also complimented the therapy team by saying “ they were wonderful! They would physically come and get me, and would not let me say no. To show that level of care and commitment was absolutely amazing” Our therapy team was also impressed with Ferdinands hard work and dedication to succeed. He successfully met his goals and is committed to continuing his routine at home.

Prior to leaving Ferninand said that he would highly recommend Christian Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation. They showed so much compassion and concern for me and my progression. I ever need rehab again, Christian Heights will definitely be the place!

Congratulations Ferdinand!

We are so proud of your progress, and wish you continued success at home.

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