Featured Resident

Randall M came to Christian Heights after a week’s stay at the Veterans Hospital in Nashville Tn on March 2, 2018. Unfortunately, Randall experienced a stroke and is now dealing with weakness on his right side. He is presently at Christian Heights to get physical rehabilitation and return to his prior level of function and return home. The therapy staff stated that Randall is a joy to work with. “He is very compliant. He works hard, and he is very pleasant with staff and residents. He is very encouraging.” They look forward to working with him.

Randall is no stranger to hard work, after all he is a retired veteran. He said that “the ladies have been very nice. They have a great attitude and seem like they really care about their patients.” He said that his only complaint “is that they won’t let you give up” We appreciate Randall’s positive attitude. We also appreciate the fact that he is a veteran. He served in the United States army for 23 years, 8 months, and 11 days and could give you the hours if you want them. That’s dedication! We appreciate his service to our country, and we are proud to provide special rehab services to him.

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