Featured Resident

Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab Featured Resident Ella B.

Our featured resident this month is Ms. Ella B. Ella came to Christian Heights Nursing & Rehab from home six years ago in this same month. It was September 29th, 2014.

Ella loves watching television and participating in activities. One of her favorite past times is playing bingo. You can always tell when she wins because of a loud hearty yell “Bingo”, and a big smile. She also enjoys playing board games, and uno. Ella has two loving children and two wonderful grandchildren. She has a very supportive family and they care for her very much. The staff at Christian Heights also cares about Ella, and love her fun and competitive spirit. This is her home and she is part of the CH family. Thank you Ella for choosing Christian Heights, and allowing us to provide quality care for you.

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