Featured Resident

It has been said that most long-term care is not medical care, but help with basic personal tasks of everyday life. Teresa C would like to call it activities of daily living. Teresa came to Christian Heights in 2012, and now this is home for her. She said “this is just like home for me because if I was actually home I would be doing the same thing I’m doing now”. Teresa currently serves as the president of the Resident Council board and enjoys being involved, but she believes there are some other opportunities. She’s got all kinds of wonderful ideas. Teresa has a pleasant attitude and a great sense of humor, however, it hasn’t always been like that. She said that before she came to Christian Heights she had a bad attitude. “When my mom died and step dad got sick it kind of went down-hill from there” She said that she would like to think that her attitude has changed for the better. Teresa enjoys playing on her tablet and watching television. She said that “the staff is friendly, and the nurses and CNA’s really do a great job” We would like to let Teresa know that we appreciate her positive attitude, and on-going support.

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