Featured Resident

Randy C. was born in the month of March right in the middle of the Vietnam War in the blue grass state of Kentucky. He grew up in Logan and Todd county and attended Logan County High School. After graduating high school Randy followed his passion of Criminal Justice and Law. He graduated from the (DOCJT) Department of Criminal Justice Training and eventually became a police officer. Randy also enjoys singing. He’s a great vocalist. He’s been singing since the age of three. He grew up singing at Mount Vernon Baptist Church where he sang for approximately fifteen years. He eventually got a band together and started playing at his grandmother’s house. He started singing professionally and started a band called “Big Nancy”. They played a lot of gigs and opened up for popular artists such as David Allan Coe.

Randy has two lovely children and he is super proud of them! Randy came to Christian Heights in October of this year and has been a welcomed addition! He loves to sing and entertain others during down times and special activities. He is very helpful and accommodating. Christian Heights Welcomes Randy C.

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