Featured Resident

Our featured therapy resident this month is Mr. L M. Mr. M. came to Christian Heights in December 2019. He had experienced several falls and needed therapy. Physical Therapy is essential for patients suffering from strokes and falls. Our therapy team is the best at helping those recover from health issues. Along with physical therapy they also provide education to continue the recovery process at home to help meet the patient’s max potential in being independent and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mr. M. said that he has made great progress since he’s been at Christian heights and look forward to going to therapy. He also said that he is going to work hard everyday so he’ll be comfortable when it’s time to go home. Director of Rehab, Jennifer Davenport said that “Mr. M. participates , and works hard. He’s usually there waiting for us, and he is always willing to do extra work”. Mr. Mack said that he enjoys his sessions and already feel more stable. Jennifer also stated that “He’s walking independently with his walker now, and he’s a pleasure to work with”. We wish Mr. M. continued success as he works his way back home.

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