Featured Resident

Jack P. was admitted to Christian Heights approximately two years ago from Pennyrile Personal Care Home. At the time he was diagnosed with COPD, and muscle weakness. When he first got here he needed a walker to help him walk and he constantly needed assistance. After a thorough personalized therapy program was created to address his specific needs he became stronger and more independent. After completing his therapy program, months later he experienced a couple of setbacks with pneumonia and respiratory to the point where he needed therapy again. He then needed to work to increase his strength to improve his walking and endurance. Through a consistent regimen he worked himself back to independence. Jack then began to set his sight on going to a place where he could live more independently. Jack has been living a normal life, and now feels as though he can get his own place or at least assisted living. He said that he really enjoyed Christian Heights and everything that the staff did for him, but it was time for a new chapter in his life. “I’m going to miss the folk here, because I made a lot of friends, and it’s kind of scary going to a new place but I’m ready for it” We are excited for Jack as he ventures out, and we thank you for allowing Christian Heights to be a part of your journey.

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