Home Sweet Home

Meet Donnie C., who had heart surgery and was able to return home confidently in less than 2 months. Congratulations! Donnie had this to say.

“The nurses and the physical therapists were great to work with even though they pushed me beyond my capacity. It was really worth it in the long run, and I learned some important things about occupational therapy. I’ll definitely be able to use what I learned at home, especially when my wife goes home. The nurses and CNA’s really kept me determined and my spirits high. I came to Christian Heights with several wounds from my surgery. The treatment I received was great.”

Donnie had a tracheostomy while at Skyline Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. When he arrived at Christian Heights he had a trach area that was closing, as well as a G tube. According to Christian Heights nurse Stephanie Adams, it took about two weeks to get the G tube removed, and with extensive and thorough treatment the wounds were healed in less than a month. The trach area was healed in less than two weeks. Wound care is one of Christian Heights product lines and it proved to be effective for Donnie. We wish Donnie the best as he transitions back home. We appreciate his kindness, and thank him for the confidence he had in Christian Heights to care for him.

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