Let Your Light Shine

Joyce D is a resident that exhibits the love of Christ. She came to the nursing facility from a personal care home, and she has been a beacon of light. Joyce supports and encourages other residents with kind words, and a beautiful smile. She also offers her fellow resident’s food and gifts whenever she has it to spare, or she sees them in need. She proves that love should not just be a feeling, but an enacted emotion.

Joyce is a devout Christian and her goal is to demonstrate the love of Christ on a consistent basis. She prays before she goes to bed, and before every meal. Not only does she pray for her meals, she also prays for all the residents. Joyce has a kindred spirit and she intercedes on behalf of her fellow residents that God keeps them from hurt, harm, and danger.

Christ is the greatest love story of all. His story is about love, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Joyce intends to model Christ’s behavior, mentor her peers, and monitor all the good that comes from following a wonderful savior. We appreciate the benevolence, joy, and great attitude that Joyce shows.

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