Let’s Have Some Activities

Engaging in activities, and being socially involved aside from primary care is an important indicator of quality of life in nursing homes. It’s important to have activities that challenge the mind as well as limited physical activities for residents, to improve a sense of independence and a positive self-image. This is why Christian Heights invested in a week long training for Activities Director Brittney Frasier, at the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities training in Louisville Kentucky. Brittney said that she learned a lot at the event and it was well worth the training. She said that “it was a great experience and I learned a lot of new ideas to get the residents involved”. Brittney has already implemented some of the ideas by having the residents create gifts for doctors, and participate in different games. They already consistently participate in in self-directed activities such as walking, visiting other residents and family members, and attending church services. However, it’s refreshing to engage in new activities, use their creative skills and participate in the new and exciting events that Brittney learned at the training. She also said “it was good to meet other people in our industry and develop new friendships”. We look forward to getting involved in more of the activities that Brittney has in her repertoire.


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