Letter from the Administrator

head shot photo of Administrator Tammy Workman

It’s a new year! I’m so thankful and grateful for a fresh start. Starting today I need to forget about all the adversity I faced last year, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what the future holds.

While we faced many difficulties last year we also took advantage of many opportunities. It’s often been said that without darkness, there is no light. Or, at least, without the contrast of dark, light appears less bright. More and more in my life, I am finding this to be true. I’ve learned to appreciate the things that we normally take for granted like my health, family and friends, hearing people laugh, close gatherings and my work family. I am thankful for all staff members who, when called upon or not, consistently step up to the plate and get the job done without hesitation or reservation. It is their work ethic and integrity that makes us successful. We have a wonderful team here at Christian Heights, and I appreciate all the sacrifices that each one of you have made. Everyone’s role may differ but, every contribution matters. Thank you Christian Heights for your ongoing support, and for being great team players!


Tammy Workman, Administrator

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