Letter from the Administrator

Administrator headshot picture

It’s August already? Where did the time go? Half the year is already over. August is also known as Happiness happens Month! A month to celebrate happiness and all the things that makes us happy. Thinking about the goodness of Christ makes me happy, my family makes me happy, and my work family makes me happy. I spend a lot of time with my team.

As we continue to face challenges we continue to learn and adapt. I would like to give kudos to my team. Everyone plays a vital role in the success of Christian Heights. It’s definitely a collective effort. One of my favorite acronyms for Team is “Together Everyone Achieves More” , and that’s what we do. We work together. I can honestly say that we use the individual talents of each team member to achieve our goals. I appreciate each of you. I also appreciate our residents, and their wonderful families for trusting us with there care. Thank you, and please remember that my door is always open for any questions or concerns, and remember that today only happens once so make it amazing.


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