MDS Day — Loving My Job

In appreciation of “MDS Coordinator Day” Christian Heights would like to recognize our very own MDS Coordinator Jeanell Fowler. The Minimum Data Set (MDS) is a key tool in the process of assessing the functional capabilities of residents of certified nursing facilities. MDS coordinators, also known as nurse assessment coordinators, use these results to formulate and implement individual care plans for residents.

Jeanelle has worked as an MDS Coordinator for 13 years at Christian Heights and is very efficient at her job. When asked about her career she said “The residents are the most enjoyable part of my job” She said that the basis of her job was basically doing nursing assessments to drive a care plan to see what care the residents need. MDS Coordinators are popular for completing quite a bit of paperwork, and they are expected to be accurate in their reporting, however, she welcomes the opportunity and challenge. Jeanell also said “This is her heart and passion”, and that explains why she has remained at this position for more than a decade. When asked about her tenure she said “ I do love my job and love the challenges that comes with it. It’s like being a detective , you have to dig and search to find the best care plan, almost like an artist finding the right paint for the best picture of resident needs” Christian Heights really appreciate all that Jeanell does, and thank you for all of your hard work!

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