Ms. Farley’s Success Story

Ms. Farley had a lengthy stay at Christian Heights; she came to the facility on June 26, 2014 following hospitalization for sky high potassium and renal failure. She would end up in intensive care at Jennie Stuart Hospital for three days. Unfortunately, the illness left her in need of extensive care and therapy. She didn’t have family in this area, therefore she was solely dependent upon Christian Heights to help get her life back. Prior to her hospitalization she was at the Friendship House in Hopkinsville KY, however she said that “she was not allowed to go to therapy due to issues with insurance”.

Ms. Farley was able to work with the Physical and Occupational therapists at Christian Heights to eventually get her own apartment in December 2017. Although she may not have returned to performing and living at her previous level, she is able to enjoy the freedom of living at home, cooking, and going to church as she pleases. As she got stronger and began to walk with the help of the therapy staff, her faith and determination increased as did her ability to become more independent in her activities of daily living as well as being able to walk independently with a walker. Now she is loving life in her own apartment.

Ms. Farley was very complimentary and happy about her treatment at Christian Heights “The nursing staff was very good to me, the aids were good to me, but I still wanted my own place”. She said that she had to work to get stronger but it was worth it. She was grateful for the overall care, but especially appreciative of the therapy apartment. She said that “therapy helped me get on my feet. They told me that I had to walk to the kitchen before I could get out of here, they were really good to me”.

Ms. Farley said that she misses the staff and the residents, however there is nothing like having your own place. She has a friend from church that comes over often to sit with her, and enjoy a meal every now and then so she won’t be alone. She was fortunate to get a place near her church, and near the facility that helped her make it through the last couple of years. Ms. Farley is doing well, and we wish her much success on her return home.

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