A Letter From the Administrator

August 7, 2022 — Oh my word, July was one hot month! Maybe August will be kind to us and bring us some cooler days. Hello everyone. I am Cindy Bruton the Administrator for Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab. I would like to personally take a moment to provide a special thanks to the staff and residents at Christian... Read More

National Dance Day

June 30, 2022 — Dancing is a way of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking pleasure in the movement itself. In 2010 National Dance Day was created by American Dance Movement co-founder Nigel Lythgoe and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and was originally created to promote a different form of entertainment as well as physical fitness.... Read More

Different Colored Eyes Day – July 12

June 30, 2022 — Are both of your eyes the same color throughout, or do they feature multiple colors? Rarer still, are each of your eyes completely different colors? Whether your irises consist of more than one color, or you simply appreciate the variety of eye colors that humans and animals can have, you will want to take note... Read More

Activities Highlights

June 29, 2022 — What is there to do at Christian Heights? Well, I’m glad you asked! The Activities Department’s list of activities includes themed lunches, arts and crafts sessions, games and quizzes, bingo, karaoke, making decorations, bowling, derby horse racing and much more.

A Letter From the Administrator

June 29, 2022 — Hello friends and family, and Happy 4th of July! We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful country. Some of our awesome residents have served our country, and we want to salute them for making us proud of the red, white, and blue. Thank you guys! We have had a lot going on... Read More

Success Story – Henry S.

June 29, 2022 — Henry S. was admitted to Christian Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for: Weakness, Dizziness, Leaky Heart, and Confusion. This was his first stay at CH and as you can tell by the pictures that he had a warm going away party. Received: Therapy services. Returned to: Home after 3 months and can now function with... Read More

Go Nuts for Doughnut Day!

June 1, 2022 — Did you know there are two doughnut holidays each year? The first is on the first Friday in June and the second is in November. The Salvation Army is said to have created the date celebrated in June, known as “Doughnut Day,” as a fundraiser to honor the women, known as “doughnut lassies,” who originally... Read More

Happy Father’s Day

June 1, 2022 — Be sure to take a moment on Sunday, June 19 to honor dads, foster fathers, surrogate dads, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and the other important male role models in your life. Let him know how much he means to you by calling, texting, video chatting or sharing photos on social media. Take him to dinner, nine... Read More

Welcoming Janie Davis, ARPN-FNP, BC

June 1, 2022 — Ultra Health Providers is pleased to announce that Janie Davis, APRN-FNP, BC, is joining our team. Janie comes to UHP with 20 years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner. While much of her career has been spent in the emergency room setting, she has several years of experience providing primary care for elderly clients in both... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kimberly

June 1, 2022 — Receptionist – Kimberly Babbs What is your favorite part of the job? Happily greeting and meeting guests and family members. What are your hobbies? I enjoy spending time with family, watching tv, reading books, and donating to the needy. What about your family? I have two daughters, Janessa, and JaNayah. They are my two J’s.... Read More