Dolan G. came to Christian Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation in August 2018 after being hospitalized at the VA hospital in Nashville Tn for back surgery. He is a proud veteran of 12 years of the United States Army. Mr. Dolan experienced a fall while serving in the military that gradually grew worse and upon the doctors advice he opted to have surgery. The doctors advised him that if he didn’t have the surgery it was a chance that he could become paralyzed for life should he experience another fall.

Dolan said that he knew the surgery and the recovery would be challenging. A three day stay turned into a three week stay due to complications. After the surgery he had limited mobility, and a loss of independence. He then came to Christian Heights to start his road to recovery.

Therapists met with Dolan G and they developed a plan that would best fit his needs so he could accomplish his goals of gaining mobility, returning home and being independent. The staff knew that Dolan G needed an extensive and intense regimen to reach his desired level of wellness.

Mr. G said that the therapy team is doing a great job and he’s already noticed a difference since they’ve been working with him. Director of Rehab Jennifer Davenport said that “Dolan has embraced his training regimen and is doing well” she also said that “he has a good attitude and he actively participates in his therapy”. He said that he has learned quite a bit in his short stay here. He also said that by being here he realizes how blessed he is. He could be in a far worse situation, but God allowed him to be able to move as much as he can.

Mr. G said it is a great feeling to have independence, but he doesn’t have that right now. He’s going to work hard to get it back. He also said that his experience at Christian Heights has been good. He enjoys his room mate , and he enjoys talking with other residents. He said that he also enjoys giving. When his family brings in something he asks that they bring enough for others. When you are blessed you should be a blessing. Mr. Dolan G is in the process of transitioning home and we wish him continued success, and total healing. We thank you for your service!

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