Short Term Therapy Success

Bill H. came to Christian Heights Nursing Home on August 22, 2017 from Centennial Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. Upon his arrival he was recovering from heart failure, and experiencing pain in his back and legs often causing him unexpected falls. Bill required extensive assistance for most of the activities of daily living. He had limited movement and needed to build his physical strength as well as his endurance.

With his determination and the skill of our Nursing and Rehab staff, Mr. H. was able to transition back into the community and acquire a nice cozy apartment in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on December 15, 20174 months after his admission to our facility. He was able to leave the facility using a walker, totally independent in all activities of daily living ready to start life again in his own apartment. Bill said that “Christian Heights was good for me. I wish that I could do something for the staff and the nursing home for all that they did for me”. Bill also stated that Christian Heights made him feel like he had a family, and no one was trying to jerk him around. “I felt like I was being helped”.

Bill is doing fine. He’s got a one bedroom apartment, a nice television set, and a cabinet full of his favorite foods. While Bill was a resident of the Nursing Home, he often talked to other residents about the progress he was making and how he felt like he was home. Well now he is home and his advice to short term residents is “work hard, follow the instructions of the therapy staff, participate in activities, and follow the advice of all the nursing staff”. Bill is excited to be in his new apartment. He said “one of the first things I’d like to do is get a dog. I’d also like to go camping, fishing, and do some barbecuing”. Bill is thankful for where he is now, and we wish him much success on his return home.

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