Alice B. came to Christian Heights from Jenny Stuart hospital on January 29th after a 2 week stay due to an accidental fall. She rehabbed and went home on March 29th. She had a successful knee replacement surgery a year ago, and had not experienced any issues. However, she suffered a setback after the fall and her doctor recommended physical therapy. Alice was very cooperative during her therapy sessions, and with a consistent therapy regimen she experienced a quick recovery. When asked about her sessions Alice stated “ I could not have gotten better therapy than what I had received here”. The therapy team worked hard to get Alice back to her normal level of function to return home. Director of Rehab, Jennifer Davenport, said that “She is very involved during her sessions and made great strides daily. She was a very good patient”. Alice also said that she feels a lot better since she left the hospital. She had the opportunity to participate in occupational therapy as well, as physical therapy. She enjoyed cooking lunch, and said that she has been cooking since she was 10 years old. She also said that “therapy has been good to me and for me, but I’m ready to go home to my husband”. We appreciate Alice’s commitment and dedication and wish her much success on here return home.

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