Special Staff Spotlight

staff member Olin Rawlins

The Christian Heights Special Spotlight for the month of March is Olin Rawlins. Olan has been working at Christian Heights for almost two years, and is a key member of the Housekeeping staff. He takes pride in his work and makes sure that his work is above average. He approaches his work as if it was his home. he likes it clean and smelling fresh.

Olin said that a favorite part of his job is interacting with the residents, and keeping them happy. Sometimes when they are feeling down he’ll say a prayer for them to lift them up. He said that he is a Christian and he believes in showing the love of Christ. Even while you’re working you must show compassion and that you care about them.

We appreciate the experience and knowledge that Olin brings to the C H team. One of his first jobs in New York was housekeeping when he was 15 years old. Although he’s had several jobs since then he has always found it easy and enjoyable to work in the housekeeping, and cleaning field.

When asked what his personal motto would be Olin said “Safety first, and being compassionate about the residents”.

Thank you for all you do for Christian heights and our wonderful residents.

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