Staff Spotlight

Christian Heights Nursing & Rehab prides itself on quality care, and great customer service. Our residents are at the top of our priority list. Our team of professionals and caregivers take pride in ensuring that our residents are the recipients of the best care possible, and one of the certified nurse’s aides that make that happen is Natasha Johnson. Natasha has been a CNA for 13 years. However, she has been employed with Christian Heights for approximately seven years. She is an important part of the CH team, and very good at what she does. Natasha said that resident care is her focus, and she enjoy making them happy and seeing them smile.

Natasha is very caring and passionate about what she does. She is so meticulous that staff members recognize when she has cared for a resident. Staff would often say “That’s Tasha’s resident” .She is great at grooming and shaving the residents to give them a fresh look, and the residents as well as their loved ones appreciate it. Natasha became interested in becoming a certified nursing aide when she was very young and she would help care for her grandmother. Caring for her own loved one helped her realize that she wanted to help people that couldn’t quite help themselves. Natasha said that you have to have a heart, and care for the people. You can’t just do it for the money. She also said that if you’re a people person, with care and compassion this may be the job for you. Natasha definitely has a good heart and caring spirit. Christian Heights appreciate Natasha and we are glad that she is a member of the CH team.

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