Success Story

mature woman sitting for photo

We chose Donna L. as our success story for the month of December. Donna is a resident from Penny Royal personal-care home. She admitted from Jennie Stuart with frequent falls, and generalized weakness hypokalemia UTI. This is her first stay at CH, and she has been very satisfied with her therapy and care.

Received: Therapy services.

Donna has a pleasant attitude, and a kindred spirit. She is enjoying her stay at Christian Heights, and due to her willing participation in therapy has made great progress. According to Director of Rehab Jennifer Davenport, Donna has gotten a lot stronger over the last month, and has made huge strides. Donna was unable to do any functional task upon admission. She was dependent with sitting and would fall to the left without support. She had several falls. She was very confused. Now she is able to perform functional task with contact guard assistance, sit on her own, and is walking with contact assistance 375’. Keep up the good work Donna!

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