Success Story: Eric M.

Eric M. came to Christian Heights Nursing Home in April 2019 from the UL Hospital. Eric had been involved in a bad car accident that totaled his vehicle. The accident left him with quite a few injuries and broken bones. Upon his arrival he was confined to his room and required extensive assistance for all activities of daily living, including bathing and dressing. He was unable to walk and mobile by wheelchair only.

Eric was determined to make progress and have a short stay at CH. He said that he needed to get better for his family. His family came to the facility every day to support him, and he was using them as fuel to get better. He came to CH to take advantage of the Short Term Rehabilitation to reach his goals. His goals were to be able to stand, and take a step or two. He was in the facility for just over a month and made remarkable progress!

When he came to us he was not able to sit on the side of the bed or stand without grimacing. After working with therapy on building strength and mobility Eric could now, after three weeks stand on his own. It was a great accomplishment for Eric, and a great testament for the rehab department, and what they are capable of.

When asked how he felt about his overall treatment, and his therapy, Eric said, “Everyone here has been so helpful. It has actually been nice staying here.” He also said, “The physical therapy has been great! I made significant improvements! The staff was terrific! I can’t say enough about them.” He also said, “When I came in I was confined to the bed, but a month later I can stand on my own, and take a step. This has been great”

The therapy department said that Eric was a joy to work with and he had grit and determination that helped him make significant strides during his sessions. Eric has transitioned from CH to home. As he was leaving the CH leadership team formed a line and gave him a nice ovation for his success, as well as being a positive and motivated resident. We wish Eric all the best as he continues his journey back to health.

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