Success Story: William S.

Mr. William S. was admitted to Christian Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Center from Jenny Stuart Medical Center for: Weakness and Falls. After experiencing a fall at his home he and his family decided he needed therapy.

Received: Therapy services.

William has been aggressively participating in therapy and has made significant progress. His wife informed us that he was doing very well since he’s been at CH. She is very pleased with our services.

Mr.S is looking forward to going home soon so he can once again enjoy spending time with grandchildren and family. At this time William has no choice but to participate in therapy, because his grand daughter Meghan is one of his therapy assistants. She is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Christian Heights. He said that “I use to tell he what to do, but now she’s telling me what to do, and I’m not used to that”. William willingly participates in therapy. The therapy team worked on his weakness, built strength and addressed his balance issues. He is doing much better than he was upon arrival. He is stronger and walking for longer periods and distances.

We wish you the best on your return home. Thank you for allowing CH to provide you with quality care.

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