Thank You Heroes

group of facility staff members having a meeting in a conference room

Not all heroes wear capes — some wear scrubs, serve food, enforce infection control, and make sure everyone is taken care of during an infectious-disease outbreak. Yes, many of them work in the healthcare field. Many of them provide compassionate and extreme care during a pandemic crisis, and many of them work at Christian Heights.

In continuing to provide this crucial support, I want to acknowledge with great gratitude the sacrifices that the Christian Heights caregivers, along with many caregivers across the country and the world, are currently making. Right now, simply showing up to work everyday is a huge feat for these workers.

While the country is walking on eggshells, caregivers are putting themselves at risk of the coronavirus by breaking a certain degree of social isolation in order to care for their patients. Though many of our caregivers may not fall into a particularly “at-risk” age group, their decision to increase their own potential of exposure to coronavirus in the name of caring for others makes them extremely honorable.

With this in mind, I’ll refer to our care givers as “heroes”. It’s hard to describe the importance of the work they are doing in any other words. Christian Heights just want you to know that we recognize your efforts and appreciate you. It is important to express our gratitude for your work during this pandemic. Thank you to all who are showing up, despite the risks and fears. We quite literally couldn’t keep going without you.

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