Bacon, it’s not just for breakfast

stack of pancakes and a side of bacon strips on a plate

On December 30 it might seem like the year’s delights have nearly wound down, but that is not the case, because National Bacon Day has just BEGUN! Bacon: that salty, smoky flavor, those savory scents, the joy on your breakfast table. It goes perfectly on salads, burgers, sandwiches, and with so many savory desserts. It puts a smile on our pancakes and on our faces.

Here are some fun ideas to celebrate Bacon Day:

  • Give the gift of bacon
  • Write a song about bacon
  • Watch a Kevin Bacon movie
  • Eat bacon

Make a new recipe that features bacon

Host a bacon-themed potluck and ask guests to bring a bacon dish to pass

Remind your friends and family that December 30 is National Bacon Day so they won’t miss out on the tasty fun!

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