Online Learning Day is September 15

September 6, 2022 — Learning new information on a regular basis is important for keeping your mind sharp and active. No matter what age you are, there is always something new to learn! While new information can be obtained from a variety of sources, the internet provides an almost limitless source of learning. There is an incredible amount of... Read More

Tips to Slow the Aging Process

September 6, 2022 — Celebrate Healthy Aging Month this September by trying the tips below, which may help you age slower and improve your quality of life. 🥗 Eat a varied and healthy diet. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Drink lots of fluids to maintain healthy skin and flush out waste. 🚶 Exercise every day.... Read More

Better Breakfast Month

September 6, 2022 — Eating breakfast may be one of the secrets to staying healthy. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to fuel your body so that you can have energy throughout the day. A good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. People who eat a healthy breakfast daily are more likely to... Read More

Fun Times With Activities

September 6, 2022 — What is the Christian Heights Activities Department up to this month? Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m excited to let you know that they are grilling out for the residents, sipping and painting, celebrating birthdays, playing bingo, listening to fun music and singing karaoke, playing volleyball, watching movies and much more! Keep up the great... Read More

Resident Spotlight: Mr. Lydell

September 6, 2022 — We are excited to spotlight long term resident Lydell M. of Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab. Lydell has been with the CH family since 2018. Lydell enjoys participating in activities, going out and enjoying friends on his smoke break, and watching television. Lydell has recently started participating in PT & OT in an effort for... Read More

A Letter From the Administrator

September 6, 2022 — Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. This definitely feels a lot better than the hot days that we’ve experienced lately. So get outside and enjoy! It is hard to believe that it is September already! Fall is just around the corner. It is so nice to see the many special activities... Read More

Therapeutic Activities May Help with Memory

August 7, 2022 — According to research, engaging a person with memory loss in activities that they enjoy may reduce many of the symptoms such as agitation, frustration, and wandering. “It’s important that caregivers plan activities to share with their loved one, like playing games and going on outings,” explained Eric Pfeiffer, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Founding Director... Read More

August is Sandwich Month

August 7, 2022 — No matter how you slice it, everyone seems to have a favorite sandwich. In a month known for its “dog-days” and heat, a sandwich may provide just the meal you need. They’re low fuss, yet can be quick and nutritious, and most require no cooking. A sandwich by definition includes one or more pieces of... Read More

Activities Highlights

August 7, 2022 — The Activities Department is at it again! They are coming up with all kinds of events and games to keep the residents engaged and excited. Department’s list of activities includes porch visits and activities, themed lunches, arts and crafts sessions, games and quizzes, bingo, karaoke, making decorations, bowling, and much more.

Employee Spotlight: Janet P.

August 7, 2022 — Everyone clear the stage. The Christian Heights spotlight is shining on Janet Powell. Janet has been working at Christian Heights for 3 months, and though she’s primarily the gatekeeper, interacting with the residents is her favorite part of the job. Janet has two lovely daughters, and she recruited one of her daughters to also work... Read More