May 2, 2018 — Alice B. came to Christian Heights from Jenny Stuart hospital on January 29th after a 2 week stay due to an accidental fall. She rehabbed and went home on March 29th. She had a successful knee replacement surgery a year ago, and had not experienced any issues. However, she suffered a setback after the fall... Read More

The Youth Visits CH Residents

May 2, 2018 — These day’s nursing home residents are often confined to the rooms at the facility. They have physical activities, nice board games, bingo, and card games, but a brief religious service can be a tremendous comfort. Hearing scripture, a nice fellowship with fellow Christians, and remembering songs or prayers help them to reflect back on how... Read More

Let’s Have Some Activities

May 2, 2018 — Engaging in activities, and being socially involved aside from primary care is an important indicator of quality of life in nursing homes. It’s important to have activities that challenge the mind as well as limited physical activities for residents, to improve a sense of independence and a positive self-image. This is why Christian Heights invested... Read More

Social Services Month

May 2, 2018 — Every day, the nation’s 650,000 social workers act as advocates, champions and leaders who make our society a better place to live. This same statement holds true for nursing and rehabilitation facilities. Social Services Directors in the facility serve as advocates for the residents. This year for Social Workers month Christian Heights decided to recognize... Read More

Back Down Memory Lane

May 2, 2018 — Just because most of our residents have reached their latter years doesn’t mean they want to sit motionless, staring off into space. There is still quite a bit of talent within the Christian Heights walls. Staying mentally and physically active is important for good health as we age. That is why resident Larry J decided... Read More

Featured Resident

May 2, 2018 — Residents come to nursing homes and typically their whole life changes. They have to get use to less space, less privacy, and even constant interruptions. They also look forward to family support and developing friendships. Since coming to Christian Heights Margaret G has had strong family support, and developed a very good friendship with Ophelia... Read More

Active Shooter Preparation

April 5, 2018 — With the unfortunate events surrounding active shooters in the workplace, it is very important that the staff is prepared. Those critical first minutes are crucial to survival to potential victims and possible casualties. At Christian Heights we care about our staff and residents, and that is why we participated in the Better Business Bureau sponsored... Read More

Legislative Day

April 5, 2018 — Long Term Care was at the forefront in Frankfort during the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities (KAHCF) Legislative day. KAHCF is the trade association that represents propriety and nonproprietary nursing facilities and personal care homes across the state of Kentucky. Attendees met with lawmakers to discuss legislation that’s important to the healthcare industry. Christian... Read More

Featured Resident

April 5, 2018 — Randall M came to Christian Heights after a week’s stay at the Veterans Hospital in Nashville Tn on March 2, 2018. Unfortunately, Randall experienced a stroke and is now dealing with weakness on his right side. He is presently at Christian Heights to get physical rehabilitation and return to his prior level of function and... Read More

Control Cancer

April 5, 2018 — April is also National Cancer Control Month. During National Cancer Control Month in we want to focus on increasing awareness about the ongoing battle against cancer, any developments in new treatments, and the measures taken to decrease the risks and the ways to show support for victims and survivors. Other Events Going On in April:... Read More