Employee Spotlight

Employee spotlight Toya Dillard

Associate Director of Nursing:
We would like to welcome our newest Associate Director of Nursing Toya Dillard to the Christian Heights team. Toya has been a nurse for approximately 14 years, and has a very decorated background.

What has your experience been like at Christian Heights? This is my first time working at a nursing facility. It’s different. Everyone seems more appreciative of what you do. You also get to know the residents and develop a relationship.

What caused you to get into Nursing? Nursing is a passion. I love helping people. I like making people happy and seeing them smile. I feel like it’s a very rewarding field.

Were you inspired by someone in your family? Actually I was the first nurse in my family. When I was younger my mom use to buy me doctor’s kits and medical supplies, and I’d pretend to take care of patients. I’m now doing it as a career. We now have three nurses in the family.

Toya is very passionate and knowledgeable about her job, and find joy in making residents feel better. She also understands that every now and then things can get difficult. Her motto is “Whenever things get tough or challenging I have to remember, I’m built for this” Welcome to the Christian Heights All Star team your service and commitment are greatly appreciated!

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