Featured Resident

resident doing therapy with staff member

Our featured resident this month is Heather M. Heather came to Christian Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation from SKY, in Bowling Green Ky to be closer to her family and participate in the rehab program. Heather is a pleasant resident with a kind heart that has been a joy to have at the facility. She has been at Christian Heights since December and is now participating in the therapy program. When asked about her tenure at the facility she said “When I came to Christian Heights I was really weak. The therapists have been wonderful they have been able to greatly increase my strength and ability to stand and walk. It has been great. Heather also said “that from when I first started until now it’s a difference of night and day, and it is going fantastic!” Director of Physical Therapy Jennifer Davenport said that Heather is a hard worker and is always willing to participate. She also said that she is progressing well. Heather is a great resident and has a very positive attitude. We look forward to her continued success and rehabilitation. We wish her well as she continues to complete her therapy goals

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