Featured Resident

Our featured resident this month is James B. James came to Christian Heights from Vanderbilt Medical Center after a scary vehicle accident. James grew up in Marshall County and has a son named Jamon. He said that he has not seen his son in a while, but he cares for him deeply. James has enjoyed his tenure at Christian Heights and said the staff really treats him nice.

James said he’s doing much better since he’s been at Christian Heights. A lot of that is due to his participation in physical therapy. He said that he looked forward to the sessions, and therapy helped him get his strength and mobility back. He also bragged on the food. He said that he really loved the pork chops, but he could do without the chicken and turkey. Growing up James, enjoyed music. He remembers growing up playing the guitar with his dad. He said that he probably couldn’t play now, but wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. We appreciate James’s great attitude and spirit. Thank you Mr. B. for choosing Christian Heights, and allowing us to provide quality care for you.

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