Showing Appreciation for your Dedication

Maintaining a log of all medical records requests can help your staff stay on top of deadlines and deliverables. It’s also required by HIPAA, which stipulates that facilities provide a log dating back six years. This department is also responsible for maintaining, incorporating, and accurately accounting for all medical records information on each individual resident. Christian Heights Nursing would like to recognize Venilia Smith. Venilia has worked at Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab for 24 years. She has served faithfully in medical records, central supply, and scheduling. Venilia has seen many changes in ownership, leadership, and staff, but the one common factor that keeps her grounded is the resident. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job she said “the residents” especially being able to talk to them and fulfilling their needs when family is not available. At times she has been called upon to respond to an admission inquiry; to host a prospective resident or family member; or to tour a prospective resident, and she has done it with a genuine passion. Venilia said that it’s all about compassion. “if you don’t have compassion you don’t need to work in this field. Residents need to know that they can trust you. They need to know that they have a go to person”. We appreciate Venilia’s hard work and dedication. She is a very valuable part of the Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab team! Thank you for all you do!

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