Motivate, Participate, and Vacate

Mr. Raymond Z was admitted to Christian Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Center from Greenville Hospital for physical therapy after hip replacement surgery. This wasn’t his first major surgery, but it was his first stay at Christian Heights. When asked how felt about his therapy routine he stated “I’ve only been here a short time, but I’m improving big time! These people really help me out a lot!” He also said that he tries to do more than the therapy department asks him to do because his goal is to be able to function at a high level once he leaves the facility.

The Director of Physical Therapy Jennifer Davenport and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Carla June Mart Benbrook said that Mr. Raymond was a hard worker so it makes it easy to work with him. He also has a great attitude. He’s always on time and is willing to participate.

Mr. Z returned Home after only 15 short days and can once again enjoy spending time with his family. He said that the therapy team inspired him to continue working hard, and that pushed him to get better. Mr. Z was motivated by the therapy team. He gladly participated in scheduled activities, and he vacated the facility after a successful therapy regime. We would like to thank Mr. Z for choosing Christian Heights, and we wish him much success on your return home.

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