Short Term Therapy Success

This month our featured resident is Sarah A. Sara has recently been going through some intense therapy. She experienced a hip fracture and has been in a wheel chair since October of 2017, however, Sarah did not allow her setback to hold her back. When asked about her therapy experience Sarah said “I enjoy working with the therapy department, they treat me very well, but it’s tiring at times”. The therapy team put together a thorough and consistent therapy regimen for her, and she embraced it. Director of Rehab, Jennifer Davenport, has worked with Sarah and said “Sarah always participates and never refuses therapy. She is a real fighter”. Her hard work and focus has finally paid off. Sarah has now been using her walker for more than a month, and has not needed her wheel chair. She is even doing stairs. This is a true testament to her hard work, and a good therapy regimen. Jennifer also stated “Sarah always has a pleasant attitude and is very encouraging to the other residents”. We appreciate Sarah’s hard work and wish her continued success.

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