So Happy Together

Every month Christian Heights celebrate the success of our residents. This month we recognize the continued success of Mr. Donnie and Mrs. Marie C.

Donnie C and Maria C came to Christian Heights two weeks apart. Maria was at Tenova Hospital in Clarksville TN while her husband was recovering from heart surgery at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville TN. It has been a challenge the last few month’s, however they are doing much better since they arrived at Christian Heights. This is what the couple had to say about their time at Christian Heights. My wife and I want to say that “We have been so impressed with the staff at Christian Heights Center during our short rehab stay! Everybody has been so accommodating”. My wife has been to other facilities, but this is the first time she’s consistently smiled and laughed. Maria said that “It has been enjoyable” Donnie said that the nurses and the therapy team have been great! He also said the aides have been wonderful.

Because of room scheduling the couple had to be separated upon Donnie’s arrival, and start their tenure here in different rooms, however the staff was able to make accommodations for the lovely couple. They are very happy now. Donnie said “we really benefit from having a room together because now I’m able to assist my wife more. I can do the small things like help with food, or adjust temperature. It’s awesome”. Donnie said his only complaint pertains to food. He said “I cannot get grits and eggs together, and I love my grits” The couple does not live very far from the facility and appreciates the short distance, as it allows his family to visit frequently. They have great family support. Donnie and Marie both are very pleased with the facility and the staff, especially therapy. He said that therapy has been a bit rigorous but it’s necessary. “I have learned quite a bit about the challenges that will face me when I go back home, but I’m sure I can handle it because of the thorough teaching therapy does with me and my wife. We both highly recommend Christian Heights, and would come back for additional rehab if ever needed. Donnie is an air force veteran of twenty years and we appreciate his service!

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