Special Staff Spotlight

The Christian Heights Special Spotlight for the month of January is the Christian Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation staff. This team is awesome and shows great teamwork! A 4 Star rating, a great state survey, and being voted one of Kentucky’s best facilities of 2019 isn’t a coincidence! It’s a testament to the quality of care and service that Christian Heights provides. As Helen Keller said, “ Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” The Navy SEALS have their own way of expressing this sentiment: “Individuals play the game but teams beat the odds.”

When you collaborate with your teammates to accomplish something, you can achieve so much more than you could by yourself. Teamwork maximizes strengths because there is someone else on the team who is strong in areas where a particular teammate may not be. Teamwork makes the job easier because the load is not on one individual. Other team members carry some of the load and that load can be shifted as necessary. Congratulations Christian Heights for a job well done and a great year. The community, residents and their loved ones look forward to more great service!

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