We Appreciate You

It’s a practice at Christian Heights Nursing and Rehab Center to acknowledge and show appreciation for a staff member or a resident. This month we would like to recognize James Tudor. James is the Maintenance Director and ensures that everything is functioning properly at the facility. James has held many positions in this field including a regional supervisor, but when asked how long he’s been at his current position this is what he shared “I’ve been at Christian Heights a little over a year this time. I have been in long term care for many years including about 1.5 years in this same building back in 2010-2011 range.”

James is really passionate about his job, and takes his work seriously. When asked what he enjoyed most about his job he said “To me it’s a Ministry and Calling from God. I can witness to residents, their family, and coworkers. Sometimes we are the only family they see or have and I want to make their time with us safe, enjoyable, and memorable. I enjoy being in charge of maintenance because the facility is their home and they deserve to have a safe and nice looking home. I know if they were able they would have things a certain way and in good shape like when they lived at home. So I strive to first keep it a safe environment but also to keep their “home” how they would keep it themselves”. When working in this industry you witness and experience many different things. You have an opportunity to make many lasting memories. The moments that James shared were really special. “My most memorable moments is I have helped and been blessed by helping many residents either come to know God or to grow their relationship with Christ while growing mine as well! We are here to take care of each other and uplift each other and I feel God has put me in this career to do just that.” We appreciate James and all that he does!

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